A Tale of Three Conferences (Part 7)

Return Flight

On my way back from Newark, NJ to Mumbai, for the first time in three weeks, I was able to take a step back and look at the big picture of the meetings, conversations and experiences I had gone through. I felt an excitement about the possibilities of the future – along with the fact that through the blog things that I had written were not off the mark. In my writings, I let my mind wander and imagine what tomorrow can bring. The conferences gave me a real glimpse of what’s coming – through the words and products of others. As I look back, the decision to start the blog was the best one I have made in recent times – the discipline of writing daily makes me read and think. That prepared me for the three conferences – each distinct in its own right. EIS was all email, IRCe was about marketing, and Permissionless was about Web3 and crypto. At the intersection of these are my new ideas: Email 2.0, Loyalty 2.0, µniverse (Muniverse) and Bharatverse.

Ideas by themselves are just a start. What’s next is how to bring these new ideas to life. That is never easy. Most of my ideas have failed in their execution – at times, too early, and at other times, too esoteric to have mass impact. What this trip has shown is that the Email 2.0 and Loyalty 2.0 ideas have legs. Email 2.0 is about ‘making email cool again’ – innovating in a space where others have given up trying to make things better. Loyalty 2.0 is about connecting the upstream (attention, engagement, habits, zero-party data) with the world of Web3 (tokens) to create a pan-brand program that can cut the $200 billion adwaste which is hurting brand profits. Both are big ideas and linked with each other; email is the channel which can bring to life the first version of Loyalty 2.0.

µniverse and Bharatverse are outcomes of Web3 applied to marketing and politics. They are decentralised platforms – run by rules (code) not rulers. Done right, they could transform brand-customer relationships and the economic future of nations like India. Muniverse is about helping brands build deep and direct relationships with their existing customers; Bharatverse is about providing a platform for non-aligned and non-voters in a country to come together to create a new future of freedom and prosperity for their nation.

I will be 55 years old this August. This triple treat of conferences took me back to my early days as an entrepreneur – sensing excitement and seeing opportunities for a future that needs to be created to make the world better. An entrepreneur never gives up – it’s always about the next new thing. And that’s the road ahead for me!

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.