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Stephen Johnston: “While NFTs have shaken up media and entertainment, DAOs – Decentralised Autonomous Organisations – seem to offer the potential to shake up organisations across all sectors, large and small. They’re self-managed, internet native communities, owned, governed and operated by their members (generally holders of the DAO’s token).”

David Brooks: “Globalization is over. The global culture wars have begun…Most people have a strong loyalty to their place and to their nation. But over the past few decades many people have felt that their places have been left behind and that their national honor has been threatened. In the heyday of globalization, multilateral organizations and global corporations seemed to be eclipsing nation-states. In country after country, highly nationalistic movements have arisen to insist on national sovereignty and to restore national pride: Modi in India, Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Turkey, Trump in the United States, Boris Johnson in Britain. To hell with cosmopolitanism and global convergence, they say. We’re going to make our own country great again in our own way. Many globalists completely underestimated the power of nationalism to drive history.”

Arthur Brooks: ” If we want any chance at persuasion, we must offer [our values] happily. A weapon is an ugly thing, designed to frighten and coerce. A gift is something we believe to be good for the recipient, who, we hope, may accept it voluntarily, and do so with gratitude. That requires that we present it with love, not insults and hatred…Launching a rhetorical grenade might give me a little satisfaction and earn me a few attaboys on social media from those who share my views, but generosity and openness have a bigger chance of making the world better in the long run.”

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