Email 2.0: Making Email Cool Again (Part 11)

Example: Wordex

We have discussed the various elements of Email 2.0: AMP and Ems to make emails better, Atomic Rewards to power a loyalty program for attention, Hooked Score to measure engagement intensity, and Progency to make it happen.

Here is an example of how a composite of AMP, Ems and Atomic Rewards can work together to drive greater engagement. Most of us are familiar with Wordle. Imagine if brands could use the same game idea to drive more engagement. We have called it Wordex.

Exhibits A and B show the AMP-enabled email delivered into the inbox. It can also be considered as an Em – short, informative, sequenced. The µ in the Subject Line identifies it as a micron – an email with rewards. The number next to µ (1803 in this case) shows the total loyalty points I have. When I open the mail, the MuCount in the footer (shown in Exhibit B) has increased by 1 – so I earned 1 µ for opening the email. This real-time feedback is important to ensure customer delight.

Exhibit C shows the results as I fill in the letters to guess the word. I am doing all this in the email itself – without clicking to a website. This is the magic of AMP! Exhibit C shows me also earning more Mu by guessing the word in 3 chances. Exhibit D shows the increment in MuCount with my newly earned rewards. Exhibit D also has some AMPlets – to rate the email and unsubscribe.

This is email like we have not seen before! Interactive (AMP), Informative (Em), Incentivised (Atomic Rewards). Together, they can combine to make push messaging so much better. This is the way to drive a multi-fold increase in email open rates and engagement, thus laying the foundation to building the brand hotline to each customer. A brand can begin with 10% of the user base entrusted to Progency to combine regular campaigns with Ems, with every email AMP-enabled and enriched by Atomic Rewards. Hooked Score can be used to do an A/B test over a 30-day period. The results should conclusively prove that the problem of Attention Recession can be solved. This creation of the pipe is the path to profitability.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.