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Donald Boudreaux: “No one is, or can ever be, expert in redesigning or ‘resetting’ an economy (and, much less, redesigning or resetting the larger society). No one is, or can ever be, expert in repatriating supply-chains webs in ways that actually increase the economic prosperity and security of fellow citizens. No one is, or can ever be, expert in making society more diverse, equitable, and inclusive in a way that actually achieves greater harmony, social cooperation, and justice. No one is, or can ever be, expert in doing any of the many aspirational schemes that daily pour forth from the mouths of professors, pundits, and politicians – mouths attached to brains the ignorance of which is matched only by their arrogance.”

Business Standard: “The effect of the pandemic, as the employment surveys have demonstrated, is to speed up a problematic dynamic that threatens to derail India’s future. Regular employment decreases in size and scope, while demands for welfarist protection will grow louder. Politicians have an incentive to respond to the second and are not punished for ignoring the first. Over time, this will lead to a breakdown in the Indian growth machine and must be avoided.”

Marina Abramović: “I like the piece of advice I got from my professor of painting many, many years ago when he said to me, “If you’re drawing with your right hand and you become so good you can even make the drawing with closed eyes, immediately change to the left.” And then he said, “Never repeat yourself.” That’s the important thing.”

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