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Advice on dealing with our inboxes from Dorie Clark :”Get clear on the decision or action that each message requires. A common reason we fail to respond to certain emails is that they require a sequence of steps (“I need to schedule a meeting with her, which means I need to send her my online calendar link, but first I need to update my scheduling tool with new available dates”). For each message, take time to understand what the next action step is—and if possible, do it then.”

Manuel Hinds: “As happened in the 1920s and 1930s, these populists have been extremely successful in attracting votes. Afraid of what they see, voters demand a strong, authoritarian leader to take care of them. The authoritarian leaders prey on the population’s fears. Their ultimate product is security, which they project with their self-assurance, their aggressiveness, and their authoritarianism. Such security, however, goes up in smoke once the essential liberties are surrendered to them.”

Emily Laber-Warren: “The 9-to-5 schedule should be the next pillar of work to fall..Flextime is an employee handbook buzzword, but in practice it is not widely used. Whereas some roles are legitimately time-dependent (teachers need to be at school in the morning), many are not. If more employers truly embraced flexible schedules and allowed employees to work at the times that are best for them, experts say, the benefits would be a healthier and more productive, creative and loyal work force.”

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