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Business Standard: “Do words really matter in a world dominated by visuals? Chris West is one of those staunch votaries of the power of words for the simple reason that, as he argues, we invented language to share ideas and deepen relationships. “We invented brands for the same reasons. An authentic, differentiated brand voice is uniquely suited to building understanding, building relationships, and building your businesses,” he adds…So what goes into the creation of a distinctive brand voice, one that connects deeply with the audience, creates unflinching loyalty, and keeps itself ahead of competition? Strong Language, punctuated by case studies and practical insights, offers a three-layer framework that can help businesses understand what they are doing, what they are trying to create, and how to go about it.”

Zvi Mowshowitz on how to best use Twitter: “Tweetdeck or another similar alternative application. Knowing who to follow and read. Lists. Unfollows, filters, mutes and blocks.”

Economic Times quoting Raghuram Rajan: ““I would like to see a careful analysis of PLI. Thus far I haven’t seen a careful analysis. What is PLI? It is on the one hand we elevate tariffs and on the other hand we give subsidies. Manufacturers love this; it is like the old licence raj. If you remove the tariffs, if you remove the subsidies, can they stand independently? Or are we in a permanent situation of using taxpayer money to produce?” says Rajan. He says real damage in the economy is to SMEs, but those are not the companies applying for PLI…He says protection once given is not easy to withdraw. “Work on improving your capacities, rather than protection,” added Rajan.”

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