Dear Netcorians: My Annual Day Speech (Part 2)

Our Spirit

Dear Netcorians,

Profitable growth. Infinite mindset (long-term focus). Extreme employee centricity (with 25% stock options). These are core beliefs I have written about in the past. Besides these, a number of things make us stand apart.

We have taken the road not taken to becoming a proficorn.

We believe in the genius of the AND rather than the tyranny of the OR. Profits AND Growth. India AND the World. Emerging Markets AND Developed Markets. Family AND Professional. CPaaS AND Martech. Product AND Progency. Humans AND Machines. Netcore AND Unbxd.

We are beating competitors who have been in business for 10+ years and still cannot show profits.

We are not afraid to fail. We try out things, we experiment. Pepipost (an SMB email API service) and Scoop (a conversational analytics platform) have been two such efforts.

We don’t give up on things we believe in even if success takes time. For example, our international expansion and our CE (customer engagement) platform.

We are always open to learning. We learnt the SaaS way: ABM, SDR, inbound.

We are willing to walk alone on a different path. We bootstrapped our way through the years while others raised and burnt capital. When the pandemic began and the future was uncertain, many funded companies fired employees; Netcore did not fire and did not cut salaries.

We trust people irrespective of age or background.

We are willing to accept our mistakes and say sorry. Kalpit and I did just that when we called a leading brand’s CEO to apologise for an error from our side.

We never compromise on integrity. Once when a global tech company overpaid us by almost a million dollars (and they did not even realise it), we returned the amount in full.

We will go the extra mile for our customers and have maintained relationships through the years.

We are survivors. We are challengers. We are winners. We are Netcore.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.

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