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FT on what 5G offers consumers: “The one clear application that 5G is poised to augment is gaming. Soderstrom argues that for virtual and augmented reality, “5G is the secret sauce.” The idea is that the 5G network allows gamers to fully immerse themselves in the virtual world without any lag, and without heavy battery backpacks that last about 20 minutes. The processing instead takes place at the edge of the 5G network so that, as soon as a player moves their head, the image changes imperceptibly.”

The Generalist on solo (venture) capitalists: “What explains the rise of the solo investor? A handful of factors seem particularly critical, though it’s worth noting that no trend of such altitude operates discreetly. Rather, they mingle, influencing each other. Here are the five I find most critical: individuals can amass distribution power directly, venture capital has grown as an asset class, knowledge has formalized and best practices have emerged, tech and investing have hit the mainstream, infrastructure has made going solo simpler.”

Andreas Kluth: “New research suggests it’s good, even better, to start shallow before going deep. That’s useful advice no matter where you are in your career…While you’re exploring — as when you’re searching for water in a desert — you have to be patient and to persevere. Something will turn up. Your job is to recognize that moment, and trust the depth of the well. It could take the form of a PhD thesis, a startup, a book, or whatever. This is when, as Satchidananda put it, you should “use dynamite and keep going down. If you leave that to dig another well, all the first effort is wasted.” The good news is that the cycles of exploration and exploitation don’t have to end. Potentially, they can recur throughout life. When you’re feeling midlife burnout, for example, it may simply mean that you’ve been exploiting too long and have drained one particular well. So get out that dowsing rod, but bring the spade. Scratch a bit here and there. And eventually — but not too soon — start digging again.”

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