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Adrian Wooldridge on the Harvard Business School case study method: “The great virtue of the method is that it puts the humanity back at the heart of business thinking. It introduces students to the extraordinary variety of business organizations. It shows that choices are always open-ended. The objective facts of the business case — the structure of the industry or the flow of capital — may constrain the choices available, but it can never determine them entirely. And it demonstrates that half the battle lies in persuading your colleagues (or in this case fellow classmates) that you’ve made the right decision. Management is as much about telling a compelling story and crafting a persuasive argument as it is about establishing the facts…What makes a successful businessperson is not their brain power or command of theory. It is their ability to size up ambiguous situations — emerging technologies, nascent markets, complex investment instruments — and then make a sensible judgment under pressure. This ability to produce sound judgments is becoming more important as politics intrudes even deeper into business life and managers are being obliged to make difficult trade-offs between commercial logic and political pressure and between various rival constituencies.”

: “The metaverse is a new word for an old idea…[It] will never be an end in itself. Rather, it will be many things: a space of exploration, a gateway, an inspiration, or even a refuge. Whatever it becomes, it will always be in dialogue with the world that has built it. The architects of the metaverse will need to have an eye to the world beyond the virtual. And in the 21st century, this will surely mean more than worrying about ancient elm trees and the tensile strength of glass. It will mean thinking deeply about our potential and our limitations as makers of new worlds.”

ServiceNow CEO Bill McDermott: “Digital technologies have become a growth-stimulating deflationary force as they power new business models, accelerate productivity, and reduce costs.” [via Cloud Wars newsletter]


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