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WSJ in an article about OpenSea: “This vision of decentralization is, at least in theory, antithetical to the financial system we know today. Major stock markets, for instance, rely on government-issued currency and government-imposed rules, regulations and enforcement to make sure people aren’t swindled and companies don’t lie about the details of their business. In contrast, say cryptocurrency proponents, decentralized markets can use computer code for those functions. And barring tech glitches or accidentally revealing one’s password, an NFT can’t be stolen off the blockchain. If things are working properly, proponents say, a cryptocurrency-based market can facilitate transactions without the need for government oversight.”

Dentsu’s report on Digital Advertising in India. “Indian advertising industry  currently stands at Rs 70,715 crore, a growth of 18.6% over 2020…The digital
advertising industry has witnessed a growth in market size from Rs 15,782 crore in 2020 to Rs 21,353 crore in 2021, growing at 35.3%.”

Shane Parish: “If you want results you need to be willing to pay the price. The price is both easier than you imagine and harder than you think. The price is consistently doing the small choices that put you on the path to success for years. The price is knowing that time is working on your side even when the results don’t show it … yet. When you look below the surface, giant leaps aren’t really giant leaps at all. They’re a series of ordinary choices that suddenly become noticeable. If you look for the magic moment, you’ll miss how ordinary becomes extraordinary.”


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