Thinks 424 “Subscriptions are very attractive [for digital publishers] because they help solve for three consumer and industry forces: consumer demand, revenue diversification and rising friction between walled gardens and the open web. First, consumers want more—more choice, more control over their experiences, more convenience and more value. And they’re willing to pay for it. Second, subscriptions offer an alternative, incremental growth revenue stream. Third, we all know that walled gardens are putting increasing pressure on the open web as they demand more control and change the rules of ad targeting. Subscriptions offer publishers that offensive play to take back that control and limit their dependency.”

Dan Ariely on the pleasure of uncertain rewards: “In an experiment, participants were asked to drink six cups of water in two minutes. This is not easy to do. Half of the participants were told they would receive a certain reward ($2) if they achieved the goal, while the other half were told that if they succeeded, they’d receive either $1 or $2, to be determined by a coin toss after they’d finished. More participants in the second group managed to drink all six cups than in the first, suggesting that the uncertain reward was particularly motivating…We get value from the uncertainty of winning, which piques our curiosity and stimulates our fantasies. We also get a psychological reward from seeing the uncertainty resolved, even though we are usually disappointed that the winning [lottery] ticket wasn’t ours.”

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