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Casey Newton writes about the 3 things Web3 needs to fix: “Make crypto transactions safe, reliable, and approachable to normal people, make a moderately efficient blockchain “computer”, develop technologies for mitigating harassment and abuse.”

NYT: “When I’m writing a poem, and I get stuck, it’s often because I’ve forgotten this principle: The next line could always be anything. The poem has free will; the future in the poem is not beholden to its past. This is true for any piece of writing, but poetry seems to foreground those choices, those leaps outside logic or predictability, as if the possibilities of what comes next are more infinite in a poem…There are endless ways to write a poem, but this formula is timeless and foolproof — describe your sorrows and desires, of course, but let the poem think, too, and furnish it with Things. The particular mix of objects, ideas and emotions that make up a poem is the readout of all of one’s lyric decisions.”

Daniel Pink argues that ‘No Regrets’ is no way to live: “It’s tempting never to look back, but we’re hard-wired to focus on our mistakes. Rather than deny them, we can lift ourselves up by seeing them in a new light…Regret is not dangerous or abnormal. It is healthy and universal, an integral part of being human. Equally important, regret is valuable. It clarifies. It instructs. Done right, it needn’t drag us down; it can lift us up.”

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