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Techcrunch: ““At the end of the day, DAOs are a collective technology as opposed to an individual one,” Syndicate co-founder Will Papper tells TechCrunch. “DAOs are kind of the next evolution of the corporation because they encode both voice and exit into their foundations.””

Javier Corrales: “One challenge in the study of democratic backsliding is that, in the early stages, it is not easy for voters, or even analysts, to discern if backsliding is happening or is likely to succeed. Often, the reason for the confusion is that backsliding, like aging, occurs gradually and piecemeal, rather than abruptly or violently. Backsliding executives do not abolish all democratic institutions and freedoms at once. Instead, they eliminate or distort them one piece at a time, often covertly. In addition, backsliding executives sometimes camouflage their assaults on institutions with people-pleasing measures.”

WSJ speaks to the president of the new University of texas in Austin: ““The cost structure of higher education is scandalous,” says Mr. [Pano] Kanelos. He argues that runaway spending on administrators and student amenities like “sushi bars” serve neither students nor universities, which often try to cut corners with “exploitative” contracts with part-time faculty. Armed with lessons from St. John’s and elsewhere, Mr. Kanelos is now working to create a new, sustainable business model for UATX that will make college more affordable and accessible—“within the range of what a public institution might charge out-of-state students.”…A primary reason for creating UATX is to counter the “intellectual asymmetry” Mr. Kanelos observes on American campuses, which he says creates an atmosphere of fear among those who aren’t sufficiently progressive. But he pushes back against concerns that the school will be, as a Politico article put it last fall, an “intra-right-centrist lovefest.” “I have no interest in an anti-woke university, whatever that means,” Mr. Kanelos says. “When we build this institution, there will be people of every intellectual stripe, or we will have failed.””

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