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Economist: “The idea behind DeFi is that blockchains—databases distributed over many computers and kept secure by cryptography—can help replace centralised intermediaries like banks and tech platforms. The value of assets stored in this nascent financial system has climbed from less than $1bn at the start of 2020 to more than $200bn today. Until recently the Ethereum blockchain was the undisputed host of all this activity. It was created in 2015 as a more general-purpose version of Bitcoin. Bitcoin’s database stores information about transactions in the associated cryptocurrency, providing proof of who owns what at any time. Ethereum stores more information, such as lines of computer code. An application that can be programmed in code can be guaranteed to operate as written, thereby removing the need for an intermediary. But just as Ethereum improved upon Bitcoin, it too is now being usurped by newer, better technology.”

Superorganizers: “No one sleeps enough or perfectly every night. That’s where yoga nidra comes in. Yoga nidra sessions activate the parasynthetic nervous system, or the body’s calming system, and allow us to reach the restful netherworld between wakefulness and true sleep. If you try to make up for a bad night’s sleep with a two hour nap, you’ll throw your carefully calibrated sleep schedule out of whack. If you instead practice yoga nidra or another type of NSDR and stick with your routine, you’ll be better off. ”

Narotam Sekhsaria: “The Marwaris, as is well known, have a unique talent for trading and business, a talent that they have cultivated and put to use assiduously over the centuries. An intangible factor sometimes referred to as baniya buddhi or the ‘trader’s mindset’, has ensured them success wherever they have gone. From running local businesses, to trading with camel caravans that travelled to India from Central Asia and beyond, to funding rulers throughout north India across reigns and kingdoms, the itinerant Marwari traders, moneylenders, financiers and bankers have been involved in every money-related activity throughout the history of modern India.”

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