SaaSworthy Interview

From their intro: “While it’s exciting to see new-age SaaS companies emerging, it’s also important to talk about those that have managed to pivot to the subscription-based business model successfully. India-based Netcore Cloud is one such company. Started at the time when the website boom had just started, it’s currently one of the leading Martech SaaS companies. What differentiates it further is the fact that it’s bootstrapped yet profitable. So, we were excited to talk with its founder and MD, Rajesh Jain about his journey of more than two decades, what makes Netcore Cloud different, and the way forward.”

My answer to a question on Netcore’ future: “The problem we are solving – helping businesses engage better with their customers to ensure retention and growth – will never go away. The methods will change because technology drives new habits in customers, forcing businesses to adapt. Some very exciting new ideas lie ahead as the Martech era dawns – Velvet Rope Marketing, Email2, Atomic Rewards, Progency. These are just the start. Netcore has a unique opportunity to build a “profipoly” (profits monopoly) – not just for ourselves but also for our customers. We will complement our organic growth via acquisitions – for both new products and market access, especially in the developed markets.”

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.