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Abhisek Mukherjee: “The real hard work on M&As starts after the transaction is closed…Transactions are good, but the euphoria is short-lived. The hard work comes after. Boards, CEOs, and shareholders benefit only when the long-term investment rationales are achieved.”

FT speaking to T Rowe Price’s Bill Stromberg on culture: “Culture is essential to employee retention, and more fragile than many managers realise. It only takes one bad boss to disenchant a team full of talent. “Reputations are built very slowly over time, but they can deteriorate very quickly if management doesn’t walk the walk,” he says. Good culture does not happen by accident. If companies want a special culture, Stromberg says, that requires “hiring with culture in mind, promoting people with culture in mind, and firing people with culture in mind.””

Karen Lamb: “A year from now you will wish you had started today.” [via Shane Parish]

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