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Technology Review: “For decades, getting a computer to do something meant typing in a command, or at least clicking a button. Machines no longer need a keyboard or screen for humans to interact with. Anything can become a computer. Indeed, most household objects, from toothbrushes to light switches to doorbells, already come in a smart version. But as they proliferate, we are going to want to spend less time telling them what to do. They should be able to work out what we need without being told. This is the shift from number-­crunching to decision-making that [Intel’s Pradeep] Dubey sees as defining the new era of computing.”

FT on my favourite Mumbai bookshop Kitab Khana at Foundation: “When the motorcycles, shouting hawkers and stalls sizzling with frying snacks get too much, Kitab Khana – a spacious, wood-panelled bookshop in a colonial-era building in Mumbai’s southern Fort neighbourhood – makes for welcome respite from the heat and bustle. The store, named after the palace libraries kept for Mughal emperors (it means “a home for books”), stocks an intriguing variety of Indian and international authors, including collections in languages such as Hindi and Marathi, with staff on hand to provide guidance and cosy nooks in which to read. A programme of regular talks and readings and an in-house café round out the offering. The shop has made a recent comeback after a fire last year devastated its interior and destroyed tens of thousands of books.”

Shane Parish: “Spend the best hours of your day on the biggest opportunity, not the biggest problem.”

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