Martech’s Magicians: Microns, Micronbox and µniverse (Part 8)

The Magical Trio

Microns are push messages with rewards that create moments of delight. The micronbox is a single repository for microns – think of it as a Gmail or WhatsApp for brand communications. The µniverse is a futuristic world – metaverse – where the physical and virtual worlds come together – where our digital avatars interact with virtual manifestations of brands to create unique experiences. This is the trio which can come together to transform the brand-customer relationship, much like social networks and messaging apps have transformed our personal relationships.

Over the past year, I have written extensively about microns, micronbox and µniverse:

While each of them is a big step forward, the real magic will happen when the triad works together as one. Brand messages stream into the micronbox – all with our permission and personalised with the preferences we have chosen to give. These microns value our time and reward us to pay attention. Most microns are not “salesy”; instead they are informative, interactive and fun. They fit on a single mobile screen and are consumed quickly. They come into our life daily – becoming a habit and utility, offering something useful. We look forward to them – much as we once looked forward to (and some of us still do) to reading the comics or solving the crossword in the morning newspaper.

The rewards earned provide entry into a new world, the µniverse. With the metaverse now becoming a buzzword and a possible future after the mobile internet, it borrows from the world of gaming, AR and VR to create experiences that create a deeper connection with brands. Buy a book, answer a few questions, and get invited for a virtual session with the author. Sign up for a movie and get behind the scenes to its making. Buy a product and become part of a community. Of course, not every purchase and brand needs to be thought of like this, but just as Zoom bridged distances for employees and kept business humming during the pandemic lockdowns, the µniverse will open doors to passionate advocates who want more. Many of these ideas have been done in the 2D world of the Internet, but what the metaverse will do is to make it come alive in the way watching an IMAX movie does.

This is of course out of my imagination and extrapolation from reading and thinking about what can be done differently in the brand-customer relationship. Much the way Isaac Asimov imagined the “Foundation” world many decades ago and Apple TV brought it (or at least a version of it) to life in its web series, it is our imagination working with the three magicians – microns, micronbox and µniverse – than can bring forth new experiences. Central to this world is thinking about the power of moments.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.