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Evan Armstrong on LTV and CAC: “LTV is a calculation that tells you how much money a customer will contribute to your business over their course of their time interacting with you. CAC is simply how much money do you have to spend to get one additional customer…If LTV:CAC > 1 For every dollar you put into the marketing growth engine, you get at least $1.01 out.”

Sarah Chappell: “A productivity system that grows from purpose rather than being an end unto itself will necessarily have different guidelines than one rooted in the illusion of control. If we want to enjoy our days, then the guidelines must support enjoyment. If we want to use time management to create space for what we love, then our system must actually create space and not bury us under complicated tagging and tracking systems. When we develop rules based on how we want to define purpose each and every day, the frameworks will change.”

Suhas Palshikar on cabinet reshuffles: “The message is chillingly pessimistic: They tell us that parties hope to win elections on contingent optics, tentative accommodations and last-minute shows of course correction rather than on the basis of policies, programmes or performance.”

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