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The Battle for Digital Privacy Is Reshaping the Internet: from NYTimes. “More than 20 years ago, the internet drove an upheaval in the advertising industry. It eviscerated newspapers and magazines that had relied on selling classified and print ads, and threatened to dethrone television advertising as the prime way for marketers to reach large audiences…Now that system, which ballooned into a $350 billion digital ad industry, is being dismantled. Driven by online privacy fears, Apple and Google have started revamping the rules around online data collection.”

Rich Lesser (BCG’s outgoing CEO) on the common characteristics of the CEOs who managed to do well over the past year and a half:The ability to learn very rapidly, and not just consume knowledge, but to translate that into experimentation and action. A purpose-driven, authentic style. Empathy, for sure. And a high orientation to adaptiveness and agility. Leaders who combined those four things have really stood out.”

Rajeev Mantri: “Since 2014, India has course-corrected, but the path ahead requires sustained action in areas such as direct tax reforms, agriculture marketing, capital account liberalisation, privatisation and the monetisation of public assets. With the credibility of capitalism now established, the government has earned the mandate to pursue these structural reforms. Equally, the message to business leaders and society is clear. It will pay to be law-abiding, and there will be severe, inescapable consequences for fraudsters and grifters. India now has a strong foundation on which to pursue liberal economic policies that will enable faster growth.”

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