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How Gaming Will Change Humanity as We Know It: by Tyler Cowen. “The self-contained nature of games means they are not only eroding mass culture but also making government regulation more difficult.”

WSJ: “Self-reproducing machines could unleash the power of exponential growth, thus enabling audacious engineering projects. They might bring the science-fiction dream of terraforming astronomical bodies within reach. Most profoundly, by embodying biology’s deep structure, they would blur the distinction between life and non-life.”

Rajeev Mantri: “The last two decades have seen China decisively pull ahead of India. In 2000, the per capita GDP (in constant 2010 US dollars) for the two countries stood at $1,768 and $827, respectively. By 2019, China stood at $8,242 and India at $2,152…The years since 9/11 have seen radical shifts in geopolitics and the world economy. The coming decades could potentially see India take centrestage in world affairs, provided we imbibe lessons from the past and move faster on the path of economic liberalisation. Liberalisation isn’t necessary only for poverty alleviation and achieving prosperity, but arguably it is now the principal strategy for national security.”

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