Imagining µniverse: The B2C Metaverse (Part 14)

Marketing and Metaverse

An MMA and Culture Group report on the metaverse showcases the emerging marketing ecosystem:

It also outlines 4 roles for brands:

  • Brand as Enabler: As the Metaverse takes shape, brands that enable access to unique experiences will earn a meaningful place with the consumer as a functional enabler.
  • Brand as Authenticator: Brands seeking to communicate their own value through new forms of engagement and interaction, and commerce must provide highly relevant brand experiences to authenticate consumer lifestyles and passions.
  • Brand as Participant: Brands will no longer be passive users of the form or medium of media in which they operate, but active co-creators in the customer experience.
  • Brand as Celebrant: There is a great opportunity for brands to celebrate the adoption of new forms of interaction and creation through gamified rewards, digital goods, virtual celebrations, and more.

Built In: “Whenever people venture someplace new, advertisers trail closely behind. Highways are built, then billboards spring up. The internet is developed, then banner ads materialize. This principle holds true with the latest hyped-up destination — the metaverse… As with any shiny new digital marketing channel…marketers are approaching the metaverse from a posture of experimentation. They’re looking to connect with citizens of the metaverse in ways that add value, not intrusions… “It’s a really exciting time to be a marketer in this space,” AB InBev’s McInerney said. “I believe the shift we’re seeing to Web3, metaverse, is going to be one of the largest shifts we’ve seen in a long time. … We are where we were in social media 17, 18 years ago.”

Search Engine Journal: “Brands such as Gucci, Nike, Disney, Snap, and Facebook are in the midst of creating virtual communities, content, assets, fashion, art, experiences, and worlds. Matt McGowan, Snap Director and General Manager Canada, says: “For brands and marketers, it’s important to remember the value of Gen Z and millennials – or the Snapchat Generation, as we like to call them.””

And the young are going to grow up with and in the metaverse.

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