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Sangeet Paul Chaudary: “Global scale networks, venture funding, data hoarding, and capital-labor inequality have come together to find a new home in the platform economy. Platforms concentrate and create winner-take-all economics at a scale that we haven’t seen since the Gilded Age. All that is, however, poised to change. Web3 holds the promise of fundamentally rearchitecting market infrastructure and governance, backed by protocols designed for minimal extraction. Done right, this would move us from a world of winner-takes-all to a world of winners-share-all, as they build together and benefit together.”

It’s not the pandemic, it may be you who is killing your business: by Rita McGrath and M. Muneer. Many questions to consider. One of them: “Are you seeing competitors emerge from nowhere? A trap of thinking of your competition in terms of your industry is that it can create blind spots for competition that emerges from places you were not looking. Recall how the smartphone revolution sideswiped makers of digital camera and handy video recorders.” Another: “Are you losing your best people? This is a major red flag that things are not progressing in a positive way. It is inevitable that there will be some churn when you go through a major change, but if you’re losing the people you were counting on to get you through it, that’s dangerous.”

Saurabh Mukherjea: “20 Indian companies now account for over 90 per cent of profits (up from 30 per cent a decade ago). Most of these 20 companies are growing their free cash flows (FCF) at over 25 per cent per annum, despite the challenging economic circumstances in the past five years.”

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