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Raj Venkatesan on AI in marketing: “An effective strategy is to use AI to personalize each aspect of customer engagement; acquisition, retention, growth, and advocacy (or word of mouth). Modern marketing is about using first party consumer data and algorithms to personalize the firms’ marketing for acquisition, retention, growth and advocacy. The idea is to put the customer in the center and use AI to enhance the customer’s experience with the brand.”

HBR: “For AI to realize its full potential, we need a systematic approach to solving these problems across all industries. The data-centric approach to AI, supported by tools designed for building, deploying, and maintaining AI applications — called machine learning operations (MLOps) platforms — will make this possible. Companies that adopt this approach faster will have a leg up relative to competitors.”

Oliver Burkeman: “The choice you can make is to stop believing you’ll ever solve the challenge of busyness by cramming more in, because that just makes matters worse…The general principle in operation here is what we might call the “efficiency trap.” Rendering yourself more efficient—either by implementing various productivity techniques or by driving yourself harder—won’t generally result in the feeling of having “enough time,” because, all else being equal, the demands will increase to offset any benefits. Far from getting things done, you’ll be creating new things to do.”

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