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PC Mag: “Even though you have several new ways to connect with customers—particularly social media—the study found that the email channel still has a massive reach with 4.3 billion people using email and more than 361.6 billion emails flitting around every day. If you think that sounds like a firehose of bits in which your emails will probably get lost, you’d be wrong. The study showed that email-marketing ROI is currently calculated to be 4,400%, or about $44 return on every dollar you spend in your marketing campaign.”

The Economist brief: How DNA and proteins work: “Biological molecules are distinctive in various ways. One is that they can be very large indeed. The simple inorganic molecules that make up the air and the oceans typically contain only a few atoms, and often just two or three. Many biological molecules contain thousands. A few contain billions. These molecules are not just large, they are also precisely structured. Furthermore, those structures can be recreated with atom-by-atom accuracy. These distinctly lifelike qualities stem from the fact that biological molecules have purposes bestowed on them by evolution.”

Ashok Gulati: ” If India has been so successful in reducing poverty and improving food availability, why does it have to give almost free food (rice and wheat) to more than 800 million people under the National Food security Act (2013)?…In 2020-21, as per the provisional estimates of the Controller General of Accounts, food subsidy amounted to 31 per cent of the total revenue of the Union government. Giving free rice and wheat, instead of improving the quality of education and enhancing skills, is definitely not the right way to go forward.”

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