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Rahul Matthan: “The internet needs a micropayments solution for specific separate blocks of content. Rather than subscribing to a year’s worth of writing by my favourite writers, I should be able to pay them a small amount for a single article of theirs that I pick—a payment so small that I wouldn’t think twice before making it, but when scaled to the size of a larger audience that the internet can deliver, would be enough for artists to live off.”

‘Industrial Policy’ Is Back: The West Dusts Off Old Idea to Counter China: from WSJ. “An approach long criticized as inefficient is being adopted by the U.S. to fund sectors such as semiconductors…Western governments are reluctant to take ownership of industrial companies, but doing that is central to China’s industrial policy. Not only are many of its largest companies state-owned, but Chinese governments at all levels have established 1,741 industrial guidance funds—in effect, state-sponsored private equity—with plans to deploy $1.6 trillion, according to Georgetown University’s Center for Security and Emerging Technology, a research center. While often uncoordinated and duplicative, these holdings give Chinese authorities enormous sway over company decisions and blur the line between state and private ownership. State investors also tolerate losses for far longer than Western shareholders.”

Harish Bhat: “I think writing is for everyone. For, it has the power to make us really happy. Whether you write books, articles, blogs, emails or your own personal diary, here is an art form that is easy to pursue and fulfilling…The daily practice of putting pen to paper will make your day as well as life better.”

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