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FT on data’s Yotta Age: “The scale of future growth in the use of data, spurred by wireless connectivity, is immense. One way to broadly estimate it is to look at the growth of sensors measuring and collecting data in industrial equipment, vehicles and other internet-connected devices. Based on this approach, our research indicates data collection is likely to grow by more than 100 times over the next 10 years. Annual data creation is on track to reach what is known as one yottabyte before the end of this decade. One yottabyte is equivalent to 1tn terabytes of data (with each terabyte equivalent to about 85m pages of data).”

Paul Bloom: “Meghan Sullivan, a philosopher at the University of Notre Dame, contemplates these questions in her book “Time Biases: A Theory of Rational Planning and Personal Persistence.” Sullivan is mainly concerned with how we relate to time as individuals, and she thinks that many of us do it poorly, because we are “time-biased”—we have unwarranted preferences about when events should happen. Maybe you have a “near bias”: you eat the popcorn as the movie is about to start, even though you would probably enjoy it more if you waited. Maybe you have a “future bias”: you are upset about an unpleasant task that you have to do tomorrow, even though you’re hardly bothered by the memory of performing an equally unpleasant task yesterday. Or maybe you have a “structural bias,” preferring your experiences to have a certain temporal shape: you plan your vacation such that the best part comes at the end. For Sullivan, all of these time biases are mistakes. She advocates for temporal neutrality—a habit of mind that gives the past, the present, and the future equal weight.”

Beyond Goodreads: Four tools that help readers track their books: from Washington Post. “There are websites and apps beyond Goodreads for analyzing your reading habits. Whether you want to boost your reading speed, keep track of your growing personal library or find just the right book to fit your mood, here are four reading tools to consider.”

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