Community Organising: The Art of Grassroots Campaigning (Part 9)

Our Choice

Let’s start by summarising the key ideas so far.

  • Organising has the potential to harness the power of people to change minds and channel votes
  • The public narrative via the story of self-us-now to create a sense of purpose, community, and urgency
  • The snowflake model enables distributed organisation building by leveraging relationships each of us have
  • This requires each of us to step forward to lead. We need multiple leaders and not one person at the top
  • The community that is thus organised works for what is important for them and the larger goal

Let’s also understand what we need to do in UVI.

  • Our objective is to free every Lok Sabha constituency from the political parties and politicians to form a government that prioritises freedom and prosperity, as opposed to keep us caged and poor
  • To do this, we need to create a voting bloc big enough to prevail over the mainstream party candidate in the constituency
  • There is a pool of 67% of eligible voters to be targeted – these are either non-aligned or non-voters
  • From this, we need to persuade half, giving us a coalition of about a third of the voters who commit to vote as one
  • This united voting bloc will win over any other candidate in India’s first-past-the-vote system

Community organising is the mechanism to make these voting blocs happen and make UVI the most powerful force in the next elections. A combination of in-person persuasion and digital coordination is what is needed. Each of us who believes that Indians deserve a different and better future – free and prosperous rather than caged and poor – need to participate in some way to bring UVI to life. There is no single commander who will tell us what to do. We need to learn from each other and create our own hubs which, in an emergent manner, make the whole larger than the sum of its parts.

What is needed for each of us to act?

  • We need to understand that the status quo of the current set of politicians will not put Indians on the path to prosperity
  • We need to realise that the Nayi Disha we seek will not come from another politician but the alchemy of a united people
  • We are running out of time: successive generations of Indian leaders have kept chipping away at our freedom, continuing on the course set by the East India Company and British colonial rule; soon a point of no-return will be reached where it will be almost impossible to even fight; this is the urgency of now
  • Each of us needs to make this choice: freedom or serfdom, prosperity or poverty, now or never
  • We need to recognise it is only our voluntary servitude that enables the politicians to exercise their arbitrary and absolute power over us; should we decide to rise and act in accordance with the principles of community organising and UVI, there is no force that can stop us from winning and setting a new course for India

India’s Nayi Disha will not happen on its own. We have to unite to make it happen. Our individual actions have the power to transform India. David has to defeat Goliath.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.