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How AI Is Taking Over Our Gadgets: from WSJ. “AI is moving from data centers to devices, making everything from phones to tractors faster and more private. These newfound smarts also come with pitfalls.”

The Shape of Techno-Moral Revolutions: Lessons from Carlota Perez: by John Danaher

Donald Boudreaux: “Throughout my time in the AA lounge, I overheard several conversations – some face-to-face, others over telephones – of business people talking business with each other. Although (of course) the specific contents of each of these conversations differed from the others, I noticed that in each one there sounded a common theme: ‘How can we better please those persons with whom we deal?’ Most of these conversations were of how to structure deals that are more likely to attract or to retain customers. A few other of these conversations were of how to attract or to retain good workers. But contrary to what I imagine is the suspicion of free-market skeptics, not one of these conversations was about how to profit at the expense of customers or workers.”


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