Thinks 201

What the Crypto Crowd Doesn’t Understand About Economics: by Tyler Cowen. “Digital currency has always been a highly unusual asset class, but it won’t stay that way forever.”

Blockchain is puny, here’s the math to make it mighty: by Eli Ben-Sasson. “This fix is the adoption of cryptographic proofs…Instead of recording this data-heavy information to the blockchain, we write on the chain in a kind of shorthand — proofs which verify that transactions have been conducted with integrity. All the heavy computational lift, meaning the work done to obtain the proof, happens in the cloud, not the blockchain.”

Yascha Mounk defines 180ism as ” the tendency of many participants in public debate to hear what their perceived enemies have to say and immediately declare themselves diametrically opposed.” He adds: “The first and most obvious is that the primary question most participants in public debate ask themselves is not “How do my values inform my views on this matter?” or “What is the evidence for what is being asserted?” Rather, it is “How do I demonstrate that I am a loyal member of my political tribe?” As it happens, the easiest way to do that is simple: Look for what the enemy says on any one issue and stake out the opposite position.”

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