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Marc Andreessen: “Software is our modern alchemy…Software is alchemy that turns bytes into actions by and on atoms. It’s the closest thing we have to magic.So instead of feeling like we are failing if we’re not building in atoms, we should lean as hard into software as we possibly can. Everywhere software touches the real world, the real world gets better, and less expensive, and more efficient, and more adaptable, and better for people. And this is especially true for the real world domains that have been least touched by software until now — such as housing, education, and health care.”

Creating the Future of Work: by Steven Sinofsky. “Since the easiest way to predict the future is to invent it, I want to explore how knowing what we know now can influence corporations by offering a view of how software-defined corporations will be structured and operate. We will look at this from the perspective of the entire company (the CEO view), the team view (the manager), and the individual (the me-centric view). These are the experiments that are taking place and need to take place that will get us to a new model.”

FT on the power of a great mentor: “A mentoring relationship is a mutual one, because we never outgrow our ability to learn from one another..The work of advising, guiding and teaching someone along any stretch of their life’s journey has an element of sacredness.”

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