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Technology Saves the World: by Marc Andreessen. “What we have learned — what we were forced to learn — during the COVID lockdowns has permanently shattered these assumptions. It turns out many of the best jobs really can be performed from anywhere, through screens and the internet. It turns out people really can live in a smaller city or a small town or in rural nowhere and still be just as productive as if they lived in a tiny one-room walk-up in a big city. It turns out companies really are capable of organizing and sustaining remote work even — perhaps especially — in the most sophisticated and complex fields. This is, I believe, a permanent civilizational shift. It is perhaps the most important thing that’s happened in my lifetime, a consequence of the internet that’s maybe even more important than the internet.”

on NDA’s Bermuda Triangle: “The government has to generate a huge amount of employment without giving an upward push to inflation, while keeping subsistence spending intact.”

on 30 years of the 1991 reforms: “India’s record has been good, relative to how other countries have done and compared also to its own previous three decades, but well short of what is required and what was possible…The most important task, economically and from the welfare angle, is to get people back to work, and to promote job-intensive activities. It has not been done for the last 30 years, or the previous 30. The fate of the next 30 years hinges on this issue.”

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