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Christopher Graves: “Behavioral science can change the way marketing is done – from taking a targeted approach to being empathic. Marketing as a function is known for being aggressive in nature. What behavioral science shows is that humans are ruled by forces beyond our own awareness. It helps at looking consumer minds at a deeper level, almost like making sense of DNAs. Brands have been targeting and personalising ads for consumers using data, but not necessarily the data that matters, and not always in their best interest. Behavioral science has the power of empathically decoding consumers’ mindset.”

O. Carter Snead: “I’m worried that our risk calculus has shifted in a dramatic way. You think about the flu, you think about other diseases that could be dangerous—or just driving your car—and it feels to me that our risk tolerance is basically zero at this point. And what does that mean? Is the point of human life simply to hide away in a bubble-wrap container so that you don’t ever encounter any risk?”

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