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Amy Silver on regret: “Simply put, regret is the feeling that we may have had something more positive now if we had made a different decision in the past, feeling sorry for misfortunes, or the disappointment over something we’ve failed to do. Largely we feel regret in terms of things we haven’t done (missed opportunities) more intensely than regret of things we did do (or decisions we made). Taking the past year as an example, as you process what you haven’t done, or what you have missed, you’re regretting…The exploration of what’s going on inside your head and heart is a good way to start moving into a position of control of over your emotions. When you catch yourself fruitlessly ruminating or getting caught in a negative mood, grab a pen and paper, and write down what you are thinking. This is known as emotional labeling.” [via HBR]

Shane Parish: “One of the biggest keys to success at anything hard is believing that you can figure it out as you go along. A lot of people won’t start until they figure it out. And because most hard things can’t be figured out in advance, they never start.”

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