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The Insider Story of Waze: “Underlying Waze’s journey is a little-known approach to product thinking, super-powerful data network effects, and a guiding north star metric.”

Shane Parish: “Waiting for the right time is seductive. Our mind tricks us into thinking that waiting is actually doing something. It’s easy to land in a state where you’re always waiting … for the right moment, for things to be perfect, for everything to feel just right. It’s easy to convince yourself that you’re not ready and if you wait just a little longer than things will be easier. Waiting rarely makes things easier. Most of the time, waiting makes things harder. The right time is now.”

Arnold Kling: “When your views are challenged by a discordant observation or a person with a different opinion, should you treat this as an opportunity to reconsider or as a threat to fight off? Julia Galef argues for the former.Galef favors what she terms the scout mindset, which means adjusting your outlook to take new information into account. She contrasts this with what she calls the soldier mindset, which means ignoring or dismissing new information in order to keep your current outlook intact. According to Galef, the intellectual scout uses reasoning to try to map reality. The scout welcomes contrary information as helping to correct this map. The soldier uses reasoning to defend one’s map of reality. The solider fights contrary information as if to stave off defeat.”

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