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Sam Altman on the A.I. Revolution, Trillionaires and the Future of Political Power: in NYTimes. “In 10 years, I think we will have basically chat bots that work for an expert in any domain you’d like. So you will be able to ask an expert doctor, an expert teacher, an expert lawyer whatever you need and have those systems go accomplish things for you. So you’re like, I need a contract that says this. I need a diagnosis for this problem. I need you to go book me this flight. I want a movie created. I want you to make me an animated short or a photo realistic short that looks like this. I need you to help me write this computer program. So let’s say most repetitive human work and some creative human work you will be able to ask an A.I. to do for you. And that is a massively transformative thing.”

Hahrie Han: “Democracy is a muscle. Just as babies have to strengthen their leg muscles to walk, we all have to develop the skills we need to act collectively to achieve our common interests. We must invest in the organizations and movements that can equip people in that way. Only then will people become the source of resilience we need to protect democracy.”

2 secrets to improve your deliberate practice: by Vishakha Singh. “The enemy of great is good. The power of 1% gain everyday.”

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