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10 global trends in news publishing that are worth a think: Suprio Guha Thakurta. ” Subscriptions have moved to the top of the agenda for 2021 for publishers. However, the interesting thing to note is it is not an either/or situation. Publishers believe that there is a need to create multiple revenue streams including subscriptions, display advertising, native advertising, events, and commerce. Even when one looks at reader revenues, subscriptions is one pillar, affiliate revenues and marketplaces are seeing traction.”

How to be a wealthy nation: by Manish Sabharwal.”Covid reminds us that national strength needs massive, non-farm, formal job creation.”

Deirdre McCloskey and Alberto Mingardi: “But the economy is not a car or boat: there is no helm, there is no wheel to steer it. Benevolent people at the “helm” are not enough to take a better direction, though bad or ignorant people messing with it can take it in a disastrous direction. The economy is more complex than anything a single set of benevolent human beings can steer, if we want to keep the economy rich and the society free. And non-benevolent people, of which sadly there is no shortage at any price, are very willing to use emergencies to seize riches and to crush liberty.” [via CafeHayek]

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