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Tyler Cowen speaks to David Deutsch on Multiple Worlds and Our Place in Them: “When you make an economic decision, you’re used to the fact that something you buy — some goods — have a different value in different universes — that is, at different times. Even to the same you. You might be slightly different, but even if you aren’t very different, the value to you of something might be very different today from tomorrow. For example, oxygen, if you’ve got COVID, would be differently valuable. Most things change their value gradually over time. You change yourself gradually over time. It’s exactly the same in different universes. In different universes, you value different things. In some universes, you’re so different that it’s not worth calling you you anymore. Just like over time it might not be.”

What’s on the Radar of Marketing Leaders Today?: from CMSWire. “CX as the Central Component of DX, Marketing Talent Acquisition, Dealing With Uncertainty and Planning, Changing Marketing Tactics and Tool, and Team Management and Collaboration.”

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