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How Journaling Can Help You Live Your Best Life: from WSJ. “Just 10 minutes a day of writing can be effective, says an author and life coach who suggests: ‘make yourself the hero in a story of your own making.’” Lara Zielin: “What makes journaling most effective is this idea of welcoming stillness and reflection. Where we get stuck is that in our culture everything is screaming at us to not stop.”

Donald Boudreaux: “Modernity is not normal; it has been around for a paltry 0.1 percent of humans’ time on earth. And the reason modernity is not normal is that liberalism – the source of the division of labor and, thus, of modernity – is not normal. We humans are not genetically encoded to be liberal. Therefore, Hannan argues, there is every reason to expect that we humans will revert to our historical norm – the norm that is in our genes.The reaction to Covid-19 is powerful evidence that our primitive instincts remain alive and ready to reestablish their dominance over the happy accident that is the culture, and resulting institutions, of liberalism. The hysterical fear that Covid stirred in so many people – including in many who are highly educated, of a scientific mindset, and, until Covid, of a liberal bent – and the sheepishness with which people followed the “leaders” who promised protection from Covid prompts Dan Hannan to worry that 2020-2021 is the beginning of the end of modernity.Chances are high that he’s correct. And if he is, civilization as we know it will end.”

Shane Parish: “There are two types of talent: natural and chosen. Natural talent needs no explanation. Some people are just born better at certain things than others. While natural talent may win in the short term, it rarely wins in the long term. A lot of people who are naturally talented don’t develop work at getting better. Eventually, naturally talented people are passed by people who choose talent. How can you choose talent? When you focus all of your energy in one direction for an uncommonly long period of time, you develop talent. Results follow obsession.”

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