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Techcrunch has an interview with Ali Tamaseb, the author of Super Founders, “a new book aims to blow up assumptions about the best founding teams.” Ali: “Around 60% of these “super founders” started something earlier, and many actually lost a bunch of money; just 42% of them had a previous exit of $10 million or more, so the majority had “failed” in the world of venture capital. But [the data suggests that] practice makes perfect.”

How Humanity Gave Itself an Extra Life: by Steven Johnson, excerpted from his new book “Extra Life.” “Between 1920 and 2020, the average human life span doubled. How did we do it? Science mattered — but so did activism.”

Deirdre McCloskey and Alberto Mingardi: “Profits signal the preferences of ordinary people massing about in markets, proving that a certain move, a certain technique, a certain innovation has been wisely put forward. Entrepreneurs are free to enter new lands, imagine useful goods and graceful services. Consumers are free to choose. Such a negative liberty has led in the past two centuries to an enormous increase, too, in the ill-named “positive liberty,” also known as “income.”” [via CafeHayek]

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