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Six Customer Data Points You Should Be Tracking: by Software Equity Group. “Tracking customer metadata helps you identify opportunities to improve sales efficiency, expand revenue, and increase retention. These metadata, typically captured through CRM or user level analytic software, provide important customer insights so you can deploy sales and marketing efforts on the segments with the greatest return on investment. Here are six customer data points every SaaS CEO should be tracking: customer size, industry, geography, active users, user persona, products and modules.”

The Unicorn Boom: Shareholder issues: by Akash Prakash. “Entrepreneurs must think through their choices on their listing venue, shareholder base, and valuations.”

Arnold Kling on how to make Twitter less rude: “Introduce a buddy system…Have each Twitter user designate a buddy to whom your tweets are directed. If my hypothesis is correct, then simply having a single person in mind who you respect would temper your rudeness as you tweet. And if enough people on Twitter temper their rudeness, then good manners would replace bullying and put-downs as social norms.”

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