Thinks 159

“What’s bigger than a megacity? China’s planned city clusters…Five regions with as many as 100 million people each aim to deliver the benefits of urbanization without the headaches.” [Technology Review]

David Perell: “The best way to understand an idea is to pull it apart and put it back together again, which you do by writing.”

Rita McGrath on scorecards to simplify strategy: “One simple antidote to this is to translate the grand strategy statement into scorecards that spell out what good looks like for your strategy, and conversely what it doesn’t look. A scorecard lets people see the logic behind your strategic choices throughout the organization and act in accordance. The screening statements implicit in the scorecard make it crystal clear which opportunities are desirable and which aren’t and allow ideas to be mapped against the same set of criteria. The magic is not the scores – the magic is the thought process behind them.”

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