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To sell or not to sell: Lessons from a bootstrapped CEO: from Techcrunch. “Put happiness at the center of the decision, and let your intuition — the instincts that made you the person you are today — be your guide.”

A new book on James Buchanan by Donald Boudreaux and Randall Holcombe. Buchanan won the Nobel Prize in Economics and is considered, with Gordon Tullock, the originator of public choice theory.

James Otteson: “There is, unfortunately, no Great Mind who can survey the totality of one’s life, who knows all the possible courses one’s life might take, who can anticipate all the surprises and accidents that emerge in one’s life, or who, therefore, can know what you should do. (Maybe God could do this, but He is unfortunately not running for office.) [via CafeHayek]

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