Microns and AMP: A Powerful Combo (Part 4)

AMP Use Cases

There are many excellent examples of what AMP can do. Here are some sites which offer animations and videos to show the power of AMP:

Forms, Carousels and Slideshows, Accordions, Sidebars, Lists, Selectors, Lightbox – these are some of the things that AMP enables in emails.

From these building blocks emerge many ideas for the B2B and B2C world. Ray Schultz has a good summary of the Dyspatch paper: “AMP recipients can interact with live content without clicking through to a web page. They can take a survey, respond to an invite or order merchandise…In B2B, AMP emails can be deployed for events, demos, comments, surveys, onboarding, product feedback and requests for reviews.  In B2C, AMP can drive improved ecommerce shopping, reservation bookings, upsells, recommendations, referral campaigns, product reviews, abandoned cart campaigns and newsletters…Dynamic emails produce 34.64% more opens and 60% more click-throughs than blast emails.” Of course, there are still limitations. “AMP emails have limitations that require having an HTML fallback. For instance, they expire after 30 days: After that, the recipient who opens it will see the HTML or plaintext, fallback, the study notes. In addition, some email providers don’t support AMP, and forwarded emails won’t show AMP.”

Dyspatch calls AMP the future of email. “AMP for email brings new opportunities to stand out in saturated customer inboxes, with few risks. AMP has already been proven to deliver significant ROI as compared to standard HTML emails, and with more adoption coming from various ESPs and marketing automation platforms, we expect that AMP will redefine how marketers build relationships with their customers, both in transactional and marketing emails.”

The summary: AMP for email is new and exciting; it offers marketers many innovative ideas to strengthen the brand-customer relationship; there are still significant challenges in mass adoption; it remains a “technology for the future” (much as it was 2 years ago when it was announced).

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