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FT interview with Malcolm Gladwell: “Has his podcasting career changed the work he does? “When I was younger, I made the mistake very often of making up my mind too early in the reporting process,” he says. “And now I’m a lot more open. The podcast has helped a lot. Podcasts, I realised, are teamwork. It’s not solo any more. And the wonderful function of the team is that their reactions give you an opportunity to revisit and revise and change your mind and start over. It’s an institutional pressure to keep your mind open.”

What Cities need now: from Technology Review. “What is clear is that technology companies are increasingly taking on administrative and infrastructure responsibilities that governments have long fulfilled. If smart cities are to avoid exacerbating urban inequalities, we must understand where these projects will create new opportunities and problems, and who may lose out as a result. And that starts by taking a hard look at how cities have fared so far.”

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