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4 ways Martech will shift in 2021: “Tech companies need to prepare adequately and take appropriate actions now to adjust their marketing approach…It starts with having a clear, powerful and defensible position in the marketplace. Building on top of that foundation, companies must develop a strategic approach that will enable them to think beyond technology and focus on the relationships that will propel them forward. Video will be an essential part of the marketing mix, but there is still plenty of uncertainty. Embracing experimentation will allow tech companies to manage this uncertainty by learning, adapting and thriving.”

How a More Resilient America Beat a Midcentury Pandemic: from WSJ. “In 1957, the U.S. rose to the challenge of the ‘Asian flu’ with stoicism and a high tolerance for risk, offering a stark contrast with today’s approach to Covid-19.” turns 25: A fascinating journey through the years.

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