Microns: Solving the Customer Reactivation Problem (Part 5)

The Case for Microns

Microns are short, informational, identified, sequenced emails – priced at a tenth of regular emails. Here are some earlier writings on microns which provide background information:

Microns are much more than simply cheaper and shorter emails. They are identified in the inbox (via BIMI) and also via the subject line (with the µ). They are not one-off but habit forming by arriving in the inbox each day at the same time. This sequencing can enable story-telling in short bursts. They can be made dynamic with the use of AMP thus enabling an exciting interactive component right in the email (micron) itself. Most important, microns are informational and as much more likely to be opened because they inform, educate and entertain – rather than just promote.

While microns have many different applications, one of the best use cases can be for reactivation. Here is the case for microns in brief:

  • Majority of email addresses become inactive over time – “the lost world”
  • Marketing departments tend to focus more on acquisition and retention. It is cheaper to activate than acquire new customers.
  • Email is the best (only) channel to re-establish/ ‘re-awaken’ relationship
    • Use Story Microns, as opposed to promotional emails
    • For new customers, do “continued addressability” via DailyFresh Microns
  • Microns can also be used for leads that did not convert

Another important aspect of microns is that they are cheaper than regular emails. The economics for reactivation now look so much better with microns priced at a tenth of regular emails:

  • Typical micron pricing is 1c CPM (cost per thousand) as opposed to 10c CPM for emails
  • Let’s say, one has a list of 100 email IDs for reactivation
  • Assume each wave of 15 microns results in 1 activation (click to website/app)
  • Thus 1500 microns sent (for 1.5c CPM) result in 1 activation
  • At 1.5c cost per click, brands will now find it significantly more cost effective compared to new acquisition
  • A new subdomain can be used to alleviate the risk of the primary brand domain reputation being negatively impacted

Microns can thus become a new mechanism for reactivation – and a huge new market opportunity.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.