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India must make the most of its demographic dividend: by Ejaz Ghani. “First, investments in human and physical infrastructure will need to be scaled up dramatically to promote entrepreneurship and create jobs. Second, promote entrepreneurship and job creation. Third, it is now time to implement the next generation of economic reforms to deliver efficient public services. What will happen if India fails to capture its demographic dividend? The most likely effect will be that a large number of young working-age people will be left unemployed or underemployed.”

Compounding Incumbent Advantage: by Adam Inoue. “Getting your foot in the door” is permanent permission to enter the fast lane…Knowledge-worker incumbency advantage compounds on itself. Over time, my basic signals get stronger—I have more years on the resume and slowly gain a reputation in my areas of expertise—but also my actual skills tend to get stronger at a pace that would be unsustainable for someone who isn’t already in the industry and has to spend 40+ hours a week doing something else.”

A Few Short Stories: by Morgan Housel.

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