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How People Get Rich Now: by Paul Graham. “How are people making these new fortunes? Roughly 3/4 by starting companies and 1/4 by investing…By 2020 the biggest source of new wealth was what are sometimes called “tech” companies.”

A new era of innovation: Moore’s Law is not dead and AI is ready to explode: from Silicon Angle. “We’re entering a new era of innovation where inexpensive processing capabilities will power an explosion of machine intelligence applications. We’ll also tell you what new bottlenecks will emerge and what this means for system architectures and industry transformations in the coming decade.”

Why Bangladesh is flying high at 50: from Mint. “Once a byword for poverty and disaster, famines and floods, Bangladesh’s per capita GDP now closely rivals India’s after having surpassed Pakistan in the last decade. According to human develoment indicators, Bangladesh outranks its bigger neighbours —a far cry from the “basket case” that then US National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger had once made it out to be.”

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