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India vs US IPOs: Sequoia’s views for startups in India. “out of every 10 startup IPOs, seven to eight will be in India for all the advantages it offers, but there will be two to three companies who will be served better be going overseas. If the GOI regulations remove the current barriers to offer genuine listing choice to startups, this is likely to unleash a very exciting phase in startup funding, and its downstream impact on employment generation and GDP growth.”

Integrate Crypto with the India Stack: by Alex Tabarrok. ” by integrating the India stack with crypto India could take in important step and leapfrog slower to adapt countries.” More from Balaji Srinivasan: “Use the digital rupee to facilitate domestic commerce and crypto protocols to attract international investment.”

Want to Be Successful? What Does That Mean?: by Mukul Pandya. “My perspective has not just changed – it has become the opposite of what it used to be. It has gone from viewing success as being all about me to not being about me at all — and that is just as it should be. When you commit yourself to an audacious goal like sharing knowledge for free with millions of people, that mission is just too large to be contained in the space of a single person’s career or even life. If the team continues to serve the mission even though you are gone, what greater success could there be?”


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